Early Childhood and Family Studies



Students from the Early Childhood and Family Studies (ECFS) major serve as classroom volunteers during their junior year, then progress to community-based research projects during their senior year.  The Carlson Center works closely with ECFS faculty to coordinate community-based learning experiences for students in both years of the major.



Junior students from the ECFS program will volunteer as a classroom assistant (ideally in one preschool classroom) for approximately 75 hours over the course of two or three academic quarters.  Most students will begin in late October and continue through early June, though others may condense this work into an
October to March or February to June format, with the permission of their partner preschool.  Our priority in the junior year is for students to work in classrooms that serve low-income/high-need populations (mostly Head Start, ECEAP, and Seattle Early Education Collaborative classrooms).  Ideally students can fill gaps in classroom coverage or work intensively on special projects in order to be of service to their host DSC_0045classroom/organization.  In return, students gain exposure to professional staff with training in child development and have the opportunity to assist in the implementation of lesson plans as they build trust with their lead teacher.  Students may also complete assignments in child observation and assessment, but these assignments should be done in addition to the 3-5 hours a week they serve as classroom volunteers.



Senior students in the major will complete a Senior Capstone Portfolio; this portfolio includes an additional service-learning commitment—in a P-3 classroom, on a special project identified by an early childhood organization, or working with faculty on community-based research project.  Seniors will spend a minimum of 75 hours working with their partner organization between November and June (in limited cases where students are ready to graduate during Winter Quarter, they will condense their work with the organization DCF 1.0between November and March).  We are asking community partners to propose classroom support roles and special project descriptions in advance of the Autumn Quarter so that we can work with the senior students to identify best matches for their interests during the first weeks of the academic year.
If you would like to post positions students in the Early Childhood and Family Studies program, please contact us at serve@uw.edu for more details.





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