Carlson Civic Fellowship: American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

Reducing hypertension in communities with health disparities is key to meeting the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s cardiovascular health improvement goals as high blood pressure disproportionately impacts specific populations.  A Carlson Civic Fellow would ensure that the organization is providing leadership and support to two important projects in King County that will drive improvements in blood pressure awareness and monitoring in underserved communities.

The Carlson Civic Fellow will be responsible for working with staff and volunteers to provide direction and implementation support to two health equity initiatives within the community—the Get to Goal program and the High School Blood Pressure Outreach Initiative.

The Get To Goal program is a hypertension program that works with two primarily African American churches. The High School Blood Pressure Initiative will be a new program with a school in South King County. The purpose of the program is to train high school students about the importance of knowing and monitoring blood pressure, and to teach students to modify blood pressure through nutrition and physical activity.

A Carlson Civic Fellow will be responsible for overseeing program implementation, facilitating screenings and workshops, and monitoring and reporting on project progress.

The ideal candidate would:

  • Exhibit a strong desire to learn
  • Be passionate about empowering others
  • Exhibit good organizational skills
  • Be able to take initiative and “own” their work
  • Have the ability to utilize resources and research possibilities
  • Have excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Feel comfortable (and ideally have experience) working with a wide variety of people

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