Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

Rachel Vaughn

Rachel oversees the operations of the Carlson Center on the whole, teaches leadership seminars, and is involved with many programs including General Studies 350, the Munro Public Service Fellowship, and the Spring Celebration of Service and Leadership. She has an MSW from the UW School of Social Work and a Bachelor of Science from the Huxley College of Environmental Studies at WWU. As a prior AmeriCorps member, Rachel has been involved with service-learning for over 20 years. She seeks to infuse a strengths-based perspective in all of her work, in addition to teaching students about what it means to utilize this perspective.

Rachel believes that service can be formal or informal: neighbor to neighbor, family member to family member, or with a non-profit or public sector organization. Her family’s deep integration into their neighborhood has been meaningful in exploring these roots of service. In her spare time, Rachel hopes to improve cooking and gardening skills, and to become more involved with beekeeping with her husband!