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September 18, 2018

Researcher, working remotely

Position title: Researcher, working remotely


Name of organization: Ethics And Genetics




Position description:

We are an independent, non-profit civil society organisation, campaigning for public awareness and participation in bioscience policy.

We are building a team of volunteers to help lay the foundations for an ambitious project. This project aims to raise awareness internationally about the significance of developments in life sciences such as gene editing, and the crucial part we believe the public should play in deciding how these new technologies should be used.

The role would be of interest to those sympathetic with the values of EthicsAndGenetics, science, science policy/regulation, law, life sciences, bioethics/biomedical ethics/Science and Technology Studies. We are currently seeking people to help us with desk-based research on various projects.

We would like some volunteers to focus on a country or region, to collate relevant information which will be used to present an overview of bioscience policy in that country or region on our new website. Ideally, our volunteers should take some responsibility for that area – at least during the next month or two – whilst we work on the launch of our new website.

We are a small outfit and are therefore dependent on the goodwill of volunteers to help us achieve our goals. You will, of course, be acknowledged for your contributions to our new website.

If you have any queries, or are interested in contributing in some way or taking responsibility in a particular region, then please contact


Skill requirements:

  • Enthusiasm,
  • and initiative


Start date: Immediate


End date: Ongoing





How to apply:



Supervisor contact info:

Dr Edward Hockings

0044 7828809952