Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center

July 18, 2018

Public service opportunity: Volunteer with United to Benefit Ecuadorian Children, International

Position title: Volunteer

Name of organization: UBECI


Position description: There are many opportunities at UBECI. One of the main programs is Street Children, where volunteers go to markets to play and teach the children who would otherwise be working in the markets 12 hours a day with their parents. The second main program is NGO Support, where volunteers work in the office to run the NGO by fundraising, grant writing, or any other task that helps UBECI expand.

Time commitment: Minimum 1 week

Skill requirements: Experience with children, basic Spanish, grant writing or fundraising experience a plus

Start date: Any

End date: Any

Location: Quito, Ecuador

How to apply: Please email UBECI to get more information on our programs!

Supervisor contact info: Enrique Salvatierra,