UW brand

September 12, 2014


Be Boundless logo

Our tagline is a distillation of who we are and what we believe. It embodies our brand promise and captures our commitment to making an impact. It is both a rallying cry and an invitation; a challenge and an aspirational goal.

Personality and tone

The UW’s brand personality traits capture the spirit that stems from our purpose and principles. These traits represent more than our brand; they represent the people who are part of our community as well as the characteristics we constantly strive to embody.

Brand tenets

Rooted in our personality traits, our tenets celebrate the beliefs and perspectives that unite us. They are a set of principles or values that define the UW just as much as the people who choose to come here. The tenets are also a tool for bringing a bold, consistent message to the UW brand story.

On-brand statement (elevator pitch)

Think of the on-brand statement as an elevator pitch that sets the stage for sharing your stories of being boundless, whether you’re creating a fact sheet, drafting speaking points or writing Web copy.