About the Campaign

The University of Washington is undertaking the most ambitious campaign in our history: Be Boundless — For Washington, for the World. Our goals center on transforming the student experience, driving the public good, expanding our impact and empowering innovation. By supporting the campaign, you can help unleash the potential of our students, faculty, programs and partnerships to make a difference for Washington and the world.

Campaign Progress

as of Sept. 1, 2017

  • $4.24 billion

  • Goal $5 billion


The campaign is led by volunteers who are just as passionate about changing the world as you are.

In memoriam: Celebrating the life and impact of campaign co-chair Jeff Brotman

  • Bill Gates

    The University of Washington is committed to excellence and prepares and encourages students to succeed.  This campaign will make a major impact in our state, across the nation and around the world.

  • Bob Flowers

    We found inspiring mentors and lifelong friends at the UW, and we want to help students — particularly those from underserved communities — have those same advantages.

  • Janet Smith

    Knowing the work you’re doing as a donor or volunteer is making a meaningful difference in the lives of tens of thousands of students and citizens now and for generations to come is the most rewarding feeling.

  • Jeff Brotman

    Access to education is the precursor of social mobility and drives our economic engine toward prosperity — for all. I support the UW because it’s the one state institution propelling Washingtonians forward, fortifying the future of our region and our world.

  • Jodi Green

    I want to spread the word, celebrate, feed and bolster the University of Washington. My own friends, as well as local, regional and global communities need to know about the UW’s commitment to access, excellence and our unwavering dedication to rigorous study, research and public service.

  • Micki Flowers

    The campaign affords a unique opportunity to garner support for initiatives that will help the University be a leader in its efforts to champion diversity, inclusivity, and equal access to education.

  • Mike Halperin

    The most exciting thing about this campaign is that it serves as rocket fuel for an institution that furthers what I consider to be the highest of human aspirations and ideals.

  • Mimi Gates

    By supporting diverse interests, we can enhance UW to benefit our communities.

  • Orin Smith

    We’ve seen firsthand how essential donors are in enabling thousands of students to attend the UW and enhancing the quality of education and research required to maintain the UW’s well-earned reputation.

  • Susan Brotman

    The UW is a big deal. The campaign allows us to communicate about opportunities for students, our ground-breaking research and discovery, successful community partnerships and our reputation as one of the most innovative universities in the world. We take great pride in UW and all it represents.

About the Foundation

The University of Washington Foundation advances the mission of the University of Washington by seeking and securing private support for its programs in service to students and society.

A conduit for giving to UW students, faculty, programs and facilities, the UW Foundation Board also serves as the convening body for campaign volunteers from across the institution.

UW Foundation Board


We welcome your questions, comments or feedback.
Phone: 206-543-8222
Email: camphelp@uw.edu