Office of Educational Assessment

Social Work 505 Waiver

The Social Work 505 Waiver Exam is intended for UW School of Social Work students only. The results will not be sent to any other institution or department.

The Waiver Exam should be taken no later than 10 days before the start of the scheduled SOC W 505 section. The exam may be taken any time before the deadline and may be taken before a student begins courses in the MSW program.

Students are encouraged to take the waiver exam as early as possible so that preparation for the exam does not interfere with classes.

FEE: $30

Fees are payable to the University of Washington at the time of testing, in cash or check only. Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.


To register for an exam, please call (206-543-1171), email ( or stop by during Testing Center hours. 

Register approximately one week in advance of the desired test date. Space is limited.

TEST LENGTH: 90 minutes
LOCATION: Room 440, Schmitz Hall, Testing Center
RESULTS: Test results will be sent to the School of Social Work and they will notify students of the test results within two weeks.
ON THE DAY OF THE TEST: The examinee must bring picture identification, and know her/his student number. If you arrive after the scheduled test time, you will not be admitted to the examination.No aids are permitted during the test. You may not bring dictionaries, books, scratch paper, calculators, or notebooks with you on the day of the test. You are not allowed to take notes during the examination.
RETESTS: There are no retests allowed.
STUDY: The exam contains 50 multiple choice questions. Students should review a basic textbook and acquaint themselves with terminology and material regarding the research process, including research design, instrument development, data collection and analysis, and ethical issues affecting research. We recommend using any recent edition (i.e., third or newer) of Research Methods for Social Work by Allen Rubin and Earl Babbie.

Disability Accommodation

To request disability accommodation for testing, please contact the OEA Testing Center at (206) 543-1171 or via email at before registering for the test.