Office of Educational Assessment


Institutional American College Test

The IACT is intended for UW Robinson Center’s Transition School students only. The results will not be sent to any other institution or department.

FEE: $65 – group testing
$95 – individual appointment (for extreme circumstances only, such as conflict with medical appointment)

Fees are payable to the University of Washington at the time of testing, in cash or check only. Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.

LOCATION: Room 440, Schmitz Hall, Testing Center

To register for an exam, please call (206-543-1171), email ( or stop by during Testing Center hours. 

ON THE DAY OF THE TEST: The examinee must bring picture identification and #2 pencils. If you arrive after the scheduled test time, you will not be admitted to the examination. Examinees must bring their own calculators and may not share calculators. You are responsible for your own calculator. Testing staff will not have extra batteries or calculators.

Calculators: An acceptable calculator includes nearly any four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator unless it has features described in the ‘Prohibited Calculators’ list on the ACT website. It is your responsibility to verify that your calculator is acceptable for testing. Please visit ACT’s website to review the list of acceptable and prohibited calculators.

RESULTS: Results from the test are mailed to the examinee approximately 2 weeks after the test date.
RETESTS: Students may repeat the institutional ACT. Any re-tests must be taken at least 60 days after your most recent test date.
STUDY: Study guides for the national ACT program can be used to study for the Institutional ACT.



January 10, 2018, Wednesday, 8:00 am
January 24, 2018, Wednesday, 8:00 am


February 7, 2018, Wednesday, 8:00 am
February 21, 2018, Wednesday, 8:00 am


March 7, 2018, Wednesday, 8:00 am
March 21, 2018, Wednesday, 8:00 am


Disability Accommodation

To request disability accommodation for testing, please contact the OEA Testing Center at (206) 543-1171 or via email at before registering for the test.