Office of Educational Assessment

UW Course Exams

Course exams are administered at faculty request to 1) individual UW students who need to make up an exam a classroom exam, and 2) to groups of students as an alternative to administering the exam in the classroom.

Instructors can download the UW Faculty Exam Form to request a make-up/course exam. These exams are only given at the request of the course instructor – the Testing Center cannot authorize them.

Note: These are not Distance/Online Exams at UW Educational Outreach – for information about UW Online Learning Exams, please go here.

FEES $15 – individual administration
$10 – group administration (may be charged to the department at faculty discretion)

Fees are payable to the University of Washington at the time of testing, in cash or check only. Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.


To register for an exam, please call (206-543-1171), email ( or stop by during Testing Center hours. 

The Testing Center must receive the exams from the instructor at least 48 hours prior to the exam appointment. It is the responsibility of the student to get permission from their instructor and ensure that the instructor has enough time to deliver the exam materials to the Testing Center office.

ON THE DAY OF THE TEST: Students must bring their University of Washington student identification card, payment (cash or check only), and any materials their instructor has required to complete the test.Note: The Testing Center cannot provide test aids such as calculators, dictionaries, etc.


Individual make-up exams:  Determined at time of registration

Group course exams:  Faculty should submit the Faculty Exam Form, schedule the test with the Testing Center, and communicate the place and time of the test to their students.

Disability Accommodation

To request disability accommodation for testing, please contact the OEA Testing Center at (206) 543-1171 or via email at before registering for the test.