Office of Educational Assessment

Academic Assessment

The Office of Educational Assessment has officially moved. You can find course evaluations (IASystem), test scoring (ScorePak), and assessment services on the 12th floor of the UW Tower. Our new address is (please note the box change):

Office of Educational Assessment
UW Tower, T-12
(NE 45th and Brooklyn Ave)
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE
Box 359447
Seattle, WA 98195

Our email and phone contact information remains the same as it is now.

The Testing Center remains at Schmitz Hall, room 440 (Box 355837) and we continue to have a ScorePak location at Mary Gates Hall, room 056.

Assessment of the achievement of the academic mission of the University of Washington is conducted in every School and College and at all levels of the institution. The scope of this activity is overseen by the Office of the Provost and summarized at UW Strategic Planning and Assessment.

The Office of Educational Assessment promotes improvement of educational practice at the University of Washington by supporting assessment of teaching and learning at the level of the classroom, academic program, college/school, and institution.

OEA Services

Assistance to departments in…

  • Articulating goals for student learning, both course-based goals and goals for majors (see Assessment in the Majors).
  • Identifying and carrying out direct and indirect methods for assessing those goals, such as curricular maps, surveys for graduating seniors, focus groups of majors, interview studies, and portfolio assessment.
  • Assessing experimental courses.
  • Analyzing and reporting assessment results.
  • Using course evaluation data in making decisions relating to faculty merit, promotion, and tenure.
  • Designing and conducting student surveys, including developing and administering questionnaires, sampling students, and analyzing and reporting responses. OEA also maintains the UW survey website coordinating administration of large-scale student surveys.

Course evaluations that…

  • Inform faculty members about student perceptions of their classes singly and over time
  • Provide chairs and deans with student ratings data to inform decisions relating to curricular development and faculty merit, promotion, and tenure.

Surveys about the student experience, including:

University-wide studies that assess teaching and learning, such as: