City or Location: Berkeley
State: California

Subject: Christian Science Church

Subject: St. John's Church

Subject: University of California, Berkeley

City or Location: La Jolla
State: California

Subject: Salk Institute

City or Location: Los Angeles
State: California

Subject: Bailey House

Subject: Bonaventure Hotel

Subject: Bullock's Wilshire Department Store

Subject: Carlson-Reges Residence

Subject: Case Study House #16

Subject: Century City Towers

Subject: County Museum

Subject: Courtyard Apartments

Subject: Craig Ellwood Building

Subject: Crystal Cathedral

Subject: Ennis House

Subject: Freeman House

Subject: Gehry House

Subject: Hale House

Subject: Jardinette apartments

Subject: Joy Company Building (now iBank)

Subject: Lovell House

Subject: Loyola Law School

Subject: May Company Wilshire Department Store

Subject: Moore House

Subject: Schindler Studio House

Subject: Scientific Data Systems (SDS) Administration-Engineering Building

Subject: Security Pacific Bank (now Sotheby's)

Subject: Storer House

City or Location: Marin County
State: California

Subject: Marin County Civic Center, Adm.building

Subject: Marin County Civic Center

City or Location: Oakland
State: California

Subject: colosseum

City or Location: Pasadena
State: California

Subject: Art Center College of Design

Subject: bridge

Subject: Gamble House

Subject: Kubly House

City or Location: San Francisco
State: California

Subject: Bank of America Building

Subject: City of Paris Department Store

Subject: I.Magnin Department Store

Subject: Morris Gift Shop

Subject: Neiman Marcus Department Sore

Subject: Neiman Marcus Department Store

Subject: Packard Showroom

Subject: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Subject: St. Mary's Cathedral

City or Location: San Juan Capistrano
State: California

Subject: Library

City or Location: San Luis Obispo
State: California

Subject: Bridge House

Subject: Madonna Inn

Subject: The Canyon

City or Location: Stanford
State: California

Subject: Medical Center

City or Location: Boulder
State: Colorado

Subject: Atmospheric Research Center

City or Location: Colorado Springs
State: Colorado

Subject: Air Force Academy

City or Location: New Haven
State: Connecticut

Subject: Kline Biology Tower

Subject: Yale Art and Architecture Building

Subject: Yale Art Gallery

City or Location: Chicago
State: Illinois

Subject: aerial view

Subject: Carson Pirie Scott Department Store

Subject: Charnley House

Subject: Chicago Tribune Building

Subject: Inland Steel

Subject: Inland Steel Building

Subject: Lakeshore Drive Apartments

Subject: Marshall Fields Department Store

Subject: Monadnock Building

Subject: Reliance Building

Subject: Robie House

Subject: Sears Tower

Subject: Second Leiter Building

Subject: Unity Temple

City or Location: Highland Park
State: Illinois

Subject: Willitts House

City or Location: Baltimore
State: Maryland

Subject: Baltimore Cathedral

Subject: Church of the Redeemer

Subject: IBM Building

Subject: Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

City or Location: Boston
State: Massachusetts

Subject: Boston City Hall

Subject: Boston Company Building

Subject: Boston Public Library

Subject: Faneuil Hall

Subject: First Lutheran Church

Subject: Hancock Building

Subject: Kennedy Library

Subject: Keystone Building

Subject: MIT Chapel

Subject: Old South Meeting House

Subject: Trinity Church

City or Location: Swampscot
State: Massachusetts

Subject: Temple Israel

City or Location: St. Louis
State: Missouri

Subject: Wainwright Building

City or Location: St.Louis
State: Missouri

Subject: Gateway Arch

City or Location: na
State: na

Subject: plans & drawings

City or Location: Washington, DC
State: na

Subject: Capitol Building

City or Location: Exeter
State: New Hampshire

Subject: Exeter campus

Subject: Exeter Library

Subject: town

City or Location: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico

Subject: Albuquerque International Airport

City or Location: New York
State: New York

Subject: American Radiator Building

Subject: AT&T Building

Subject: Chanin Building

Subject: Chrysler Building

Subject: Colgate-Palmolive Building

Subject: Empire State Building

Subject: Lever House

Subject: Lincoln Center

Subject: Lincoln Center

Subject: Manufacturers Hanover Trust

Subject: Pan Am Building

Subject: Pan Am Building (MetLife)

Subject: Pan Am Building/Grand Central

Subject: Pepsi Cola Building

Subject: Rockefeller Center

Subject: Seagram Building

Subject: United Nations Building

Subject: Whitney Museum

Subject: World Trade Center

City or Location: Columbus
State: Ohio

Subject: Wexner Center

City or Location: Corvallis
State: Oregon

Subject: Corvallis Public Library

City or Location: Cottage Grove
State: Oregon

Subject: First Presbyterian Church

City or Location: Eugene
State: Oregon

Subject: Central Lutheran Church

City or Location: Gearhart
State: Oregon

Subject: Kerr House

City or Location: na
State: Oregon

Subject: barn

City or Location: Neahkanie
State: Oregon

Subject: Kerr House

Subject: Wentz Cottage

City or Location: Portland
State: Oregon

Subject: Burkes House

Subject: Central Lutheran Church

Subject: Equitable Building

Subject: Joss House

Subject: Portland Art Museum

Subject: Portland Building

Subject: Portland Public Library

Subject: Reed College

Subject: St. Thomas More

Subject: St. Thomas More church

Subject: St.Philip Neri

Subject: Sutor House

Subject: Zion Lutheran church

Subject: Zion Lutheran Church

City or Location: Silverton
State: Oregon

Subject: Immanuel Lutheran Church

City or Location: Bear Run
State: Pennsylvania

Subject: Fallingwater

City or Location: Chestnut Hill
State: Pennsylvania

Subject: neighborhood

Subject: Venturi House

Subject: Venturi house

City or Location: Hatboro
State: Pennsylvania

Subject: Fisher House

City or Location: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania

Subject: City Hall

Subject: Guild House

Subject: Independence Hall (Old State House)

Subject: Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Subject: PSFS Building

Subject: Richards Medical Research Building

Subject: Rohm & Haas Building

Subject: Society Hill Towers

City or Location: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania

Subject: Giovannitti House

Subject: Pittsburgh Plate Glass Building

City or Location: Portsmouth
State: Rhode Island

Subject: Portsmouth Abbey Church

City or Location: Bennington
State: Vermont

Subject: Bennington College Library

City or Location: Arlington
State: Washington

Subject: church

Subject: street corner

Subject: tavern

Subject: town

City or Location: Bainbridge Island
State: Washington

Subject: Weaver/Bergh House

City or Location: Decatur Island
State: Washington

Subject: Girvin/Roberts House

Subject: Gorton/Bounds Cabin

Subject: Ryan, Novotny House

City or Location: Federal Way
State: Washington

Subject: King County Aquatics Center

City or Location: Olympia
State: Washington

Subject: Evergreen State College: Art Building: Studio Addition

City or Location: Seattle
State: Washington

Subject: bank

Subject: bungalow

Subject: drive-in

Subject: Garfield Community Center

Subject: gas station

Subject: Hendrix Experimental Music Hall

Subject: Metro Laboratory

Subject: mixed used

Subject: motel

Subject: Nordstrom's Department Store

Subject: Northgate Shopping Center

Subject: Seattle Art Museum

Subject: St. Ignatius Chapel

Subject: supermarket

Subject: tavern

Subject: Transportation Project

Subject: University of Washington

City or Location: Shelton
State: Washington

Subject: Olympic College

City or Location: Skagit Valley
State: Washington

Subject: barn

Subject: church

City or Location: Tacoma
State: Washington

Subject: Union Station

City or Location: Vashon Island
State: Washington

Subject: Camarda House

City or Location: Yakima Valley
State: Washington

Subject: Marquand Cabin

City or Location: Washington DC
State: Washington DC

Subject: National Gallery, East Wing

City or Location: Racine
State: Wisconsin

Subject: Johnson Wax Administration Building

Subject: Johnson Wax Research Tower