City or Location: Aachen
State: na

Subject: Palace of Charlemagne

City or Location: Berlin
State: na

Subject: Altes Museum

Subject: Berliner Dom (cathedral)

Subject: Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

Subject: cathedral, Spree River

Subject: Checkpoint Charlie

Subject: city views

Subject: department store

Subject: Deutscher Dom (German Church)

Subject: Franzosischer Dom (French Church)

Subject: Friedrichstrasse

Subject: Friedrichstrasse Passages

Subject: Gateway houses

Subject: housing blocks

Subject: housing blocks & estates

Subject: Neue National Galerie

Subject: Neue Wache (New Guard House)

Subject: Olympia Stadium

Subject: Philharmonic Hall

Subject: Potsdamer Platz

Subject: Rozzi housing

Subject: Schauspiel Haus

Subject: social housing

Subject: Staatsbibliothek (State Library)

Subject: Tiergarten

Subject: Turbinehalle AEG

Subject: Unité d'Habitation

Subject: Victory Column

Subject: Victory Column and Grand Allee

Subject: Wall

City or Location: Cologne
State: na

Subject: cathedral

City or Location: Frankfurt
State: na

Subject: Decorative Arts Museum

City or Location: Krefeld
State: na

Subject: Lange House

City or Location: Lorsch
State: na

Subject: Abbey

Subject: Abbey gatehouse

City or Location: Speyer
State: na

Subject: Speyer Cathedral

City or Location: Stuttgart
State: na

Subject: Neue Staatsgalerie

Subject: Weissenhofsiedlung

City or Location: Trier
State: na

Subject: basilica (Constantine's palace)

Subject: Constantine's palace

Subject: Trier