City or Location: Salzburg
State: na

Subject: Cathedral of St. Rupert

Subject: city view

Subject: Fortress of Hohensalzburg

Subject: Kapuziner-kloster

City or Location: Vienna
State: na

Subject: Belvedere Palace

Subject: Building on Maria Theresa Street

Subject: Burgtheater

Subject: Cathedral of St. Stephen

Subject: elderly housing

Subject: elderly housing project

Subject: Hofburg

Subject: Hofburg; Neue Hofburg Wing

Subject: Hofburg; Rathaus

Subject: Hofburg; Statue of Archduke Karl

Subject: Hofburg; Statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy

Subject: Karlkirche

Subject: Kunsthaus

Subject: Majolica House

Subject: Michaelerplatz

Subject: Military Historical Museum

Subject: Monument to Soviet Soldiers

Subject: Parlament

Subject: Post Office Savings Bank

Subject: Schoenbrunn

Subject: Schoenbrunn; Neptune Fountain

Subject: Secession Exhibition Building

Subject: Statue of Empress Maria Theresa

Subject: Votivkirche