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Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian
Sarkisian Era Begins with Extreme Makeover
Steve Sarkisian, the UW's recently hired head football coach, wasted little time constructing his new coaching staff, making several key appointments by mid-December. Sarkisian will replace every member of outgoing coach Tyrone Willingham's staff. The former BYU quarterback, who at 34 has enjoyed an unusually swift rise through the coaching ranks, comes to the UW from USC, where he was assistant head coach and offensive coordinator.
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Lean State Budget Hits Higher Education Right in the Wallet
When Gov. Chris Gregoire introduced her 2009-11 budget, she warned that many people were "going to hate it," and she was right. Advocacy groups and state legislators have voiced strong opposition to the austere budget, with its combination of freezes and cutbacks on spending for education and social services. UW President Mark Emmert said in a statement that cuts to the University amounting to $116 million may be "pennywise but pound foolish," and pledged to work with the Legislature to arrive at a budget that "does not do the kind of damage from which it may take years and years to recover." The budget has also been lauded for its frugality by some observers.
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Snohomish County Campus Delayed
Disagreements among Snohomish County lawmakers over where to build a new UW campus have kept the plan from moving forward. The state Higher Education Coordinating Board was expected to announce a location in early December, but legislators failed to settle on either of two favored sites—near Marysville or in downtown Everett. Now, with budget cutbacks affecting all areas of the UW, some fear that the window of opportunity to approve startup money for the new campus may have closed.
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Global Childhood Immunization Coverage Growing at Only Half the Officially Reported Rate
A new study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington reveals troubling gaps between the number of children reported by countries to be immunized and numbers based on independent surveys in countries receiving aid money from the Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) Immunizations Services Support (ISS) program. The study, "Tracking progress towards universal childhood immunizations and the impact of global initiatives," appears in the Dec. 13 issue of The Lancet. The study examines the number of children receiving diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP3) immunizations in 193 countries from 1986 to 2006. The analysis shows that while there have been continual improvements globally in the proportion of children immunized against DTP3, this has increased only gradually over time and not to the level suggested by countries' official reports. Read more...
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Jaqui Neibauer and Brittany Kimball
Jaqui Neibauer and Brittany Kimball of the University of Washington check a sample using a SoundCitizen water testing kit.
Spicing Up Your Holidays Is Recipe for Spicing Up Puget Sound as Well
'Tis the season and the waters of Puget Sound are "flush" with holiday spices and flavorings. Individuals and water managers alike are concerned about the antibiotics, painkillers, hormones and other substances that are swallowed, pass through us and become part of the treated sewage water that flows into Puget Sound. Measuring flavorings is a benign way of learning how substances may circulate, concentrate or dissipate in the Sound. The sampling also emphasizes just how connected our actions are to Puget Sound, according to Rick Keil, a University of Washington associate professor of oceanography. Read more...
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The Weather of the Pacific Northwest
Mass Appeal: UW Weather Expert Mass Correctly Forecasts His Own Book's Strong Sales
Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW and well-known expert on local weather, can add another successful prediction to his résumé. His book, The Weather of the Pacific Northwest, nearly sold out its initial printing of 15,000 copies after only two months on the shelves, creating a holiday shortage that Mass himself foresaw. "There are an amazing number of weather fanatics in the Northwest," he told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
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UW Physicians, Researchers Tops on 2008 Lists
On the heels of news that Washington has moved up to the 10th healthiest state in the nation, according to the United Health Foundation, University of Washington physicians and researchers are also making their mark on some top health-related lists for 2008. Read more...

2009 UW Career Discovery Week
Career Discovery Week: For Those Who Refuse to Participate in a Recession
UW Career Discovery Week has never been bigger—or more necessary. Now in its 10th year, the annual three-campus career extravaganza includes more than 150 panel presentations, job fairs, networking events and more. At a time of low economic growth and high economic anxiety, it promises to offer much-needed sources of support and guidance to not only UW students, but alumni at all stages of their careers. Sponsored by Chipotle and presented by the UW Alumni Association, UW Career Center and numerous other partners across all three campuses, Career Discovery Week runs from mid-January through mid-February, with the largest concentration of events occurring Jan. 26-30. Find out more on the CDW Web site.

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