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UW Concludes Most Successful Fundraising Campaign in Its History
On July 17, the University of Washington Foundation announced that more than $2.68 billion had been donated in student, faculty, program and facility support during Campaign UW: Creating Futures, which concluded June 30. The eight-year campaign is the largest in the University's history and is one of the most successful capital campaigns ever attempted by a public university. Read more...

Adélie penguin
Rain has soaked this Adélie penguin chick in Antarctica before its feathers are capable of repelling water. Though the icy continent is in essence a desert, coastal rainfall is becoming more common with changing climate.
Penguins Setting Off Sirens Over Health of World's Oceans
Like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, penguins are sounding the alarm for potentially catastrophic changes in the world's oceans, and the culprit isn't only climate change, says a University of Washington conservation biologist. Oil pollution, depletion of fisheries and rampant coastline development that threatens breeding habitat for many penguin species, along with Earth's warming climate, are leading to rapid population declines among penguins, said Dee Boersma, a University of Washington biology professor and an authority on the flightless birds. Read more...

Emmert Proposes More Freshmen, More Degrees in "High-Demand" Fields
University of Washington President Mark A. Emmert is proposing to increase the size of the UW freshmen class over the next decade and would expand its emphasis on offering degrees in "high-demand" fields. If this plan were adopted, the UW would be able to provide access to 600 more freshmen in Seattle and 1,100 in Bothell and Tacoma for a total of 1,700 more freshmen over the next ten years. Emmert presented his proposal July 17 to the UW Board of Regents. Read more...

Princeton Review: UW One of 11 Greenest Colleges
Given its location—the Emerald City, the Evergreen State—the UW hardly seems out of place on the Princeton Review’s new list of America’s “greenest” colleges. But it was the University’s environmental responsibility, not merely its environment, that led to the recognition. Read more...

Brush, Floss and Eat Your Gummy Bears
It sounds almost too good to be true: UW researchers have developed a gummy bear that fights cavities. Instead of sugar, the special bears are sweetened with xylitol, a substance that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. Xylitol impedes the growth of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Read more...

Kahalu'u Beach Park Master Plan Hawaiian Park Reborn, Thanks to UW Students
For Iain Robertson, a UW landscape architecture professor, Kahalu’u Beach Park turned out to be one of the most fascinating projects he’s ever worked on. … Robertson and five of his students spent five days in mid-June studying Kahalu’u and talking with members of the community, then drafting a master plan. Hundreds of years ago, the team learned, Hawaiian royalty built homes and temples on and around the 4.5-acre park site. “We were sitting on one of the richest historical and cultural sites on the islands,” Robertson said. Read more...

Are You Ready for Some Football? Sneak Preview Is Afoot
Kick off the 2008 football season with a rousing celebration at the Husky Marching Band Sneak Preview. Watch the UW football team in a pre-season practice from the comfort of the Don James Center, hear from Head Coach Tyrone Willingham, bid on fabulous silent auction items and enjoy live entertainment from the Husky Marching Band and Cheer Squad. Cost of admission includes a BBQ dinner, beer, wine and soft drinks. All proceeds from the silent auction and drawing go to support the Husky Marching Band and Cheer Squad. UWAA members get in at a special discount. Read more...


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August 2008 UW NewsLinks Trivia Contest

The UW raised a jaw-dropping $2.68 billion in its eight-year capital campaign. But the true measure of the campaign's success may lie in the less-imposing numbers. For example, prior to the campaign, the UW School of Social Work offered 9 endowed scholarships. How many does it offer now?

    A. 17
    B. 27
    C. 30
    D. 51
    E. 52

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In last month’s trivia question, we described NASA's Stardust project, overseen by UW astronomer Donald Brownlee, which sent a research capsule to retrieve comet dust from the far side of Mars. We asked how many miles the capsule had traveled. See the answer.

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