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December 2006 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 9 

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November 2006 UW NewsLinks Trivia Contest Answer

In the November 2006 edition of UW NewsLinks we listed five statements about people who have ties to both the UW and WSU and asked readers to indentify which one was false.

  1. Famous WSU alumnus and broadcaster Edward R. Murrow once lied on his resume by stating he was a graduate of the University of Washington.
  2. Long-time UW assistant football coach Dick Baird played football for the Cougars.
  3. WSU's football stadium is named after a Husky.
  4. Sports announcer and WSU alumnus Keith Jackson played on the UW football team as a freshman before transferring to Pullman.
  5. Famous WSU football star Ruben Mayes was in charge of raising money for the UW Business School.

The answer is #4. While Keith Jackson is a WSU alumnus, he never attended the UW nor did he play for the Husky football team.

The other answers are all true. Early in his career, Murrow put on his resume that he was a UW graduate because it was "more prestigious," according to one biography. Baird played for the Cougars but is now a Husky football commentator on KJR sports radio. Martin Stadium in Pullman is named after a governor of Washington who graduated from the UW - Clarence Martin, 1906. Mayes did raise money for the UW Business School for a few years this decade, but now has returned to WSU.

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