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Holiday Markets

Dec. 4–12, 2017 Learn more
UW Alumni Tours

Egypt & the Eternal Nile

Feb. 22–March 8, 2018 Learn more

Patagonia Explorer: The Best of Chile

Feb. 5 –19, 2018 Learn more

Cuban Discovery

Jan. 20–27, 2018 Learn more

Israel: Timeless Wonders

March 6–17, 2018 Learn more



For forty years, UW Alumni Tours has been uniting alumni, faculty, friends and family who are driven to discover. We aspire to offer the most enriching and engaging adventures in popular and lesser known destinations around the globe.

Our trips are memorable, and so are our travelers. Travel forms strong bonds. We are proud of the community we have built. For your next journey, join UW Alumni Tours in an inspiring location and be boundless with us. Learn more


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