Why Travel With Us

Why travel With UW Alumni Tours?

The UW Alumni Association is committed to delighting and educating alumni and friends through quality, worldwide travel opportunities. Our program offers travelers many exciting and enriching ways to stay connected to the University of Washington and to each other.

"Discover the world with fellow Huskies and UW experts."

Did you know?
Friends & family are welcome. You don't have to be a UW grad to travel with us!

Since 1975, UW Alumni Tours has taken thousands of alumni and friends to fascinating destinations around the globe. And with all of the excellent reasons to travel with us, and approximately 40 tours each year, we're confident UW Alumni Tours has something special just for you!

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Some of the many reasons to travel with UW Alumni Tours include:

Learn on the go.

We work with companies dedicated to "educational" travel. They hire the best guides and provide lifelong learning opportunities all across the globe. Most trips feature lectures given by local experts, UW faculty or faculty from a partnering university.

Get more for your money.

Traveling is an investment, and we make sure you get the best value for your money. Our trips allow you to stretch your travel dollar so that you can experience a wide variety of cultural, educational and recreational activities without any surprise charges.

We do all the work.

Convenience. Ease of travel. No hassle vacations. Every detail, from transportation and lodging to the finest dining and sightseeing activities, is pre-planned so that your only job is to relax, learn and, most importantly, have fun!

Make new friends.

Traveling with fellow Huskies and friends is a great way to stay connected to the University and each other. More than half of our travelers are repeat travelers, meaning they trust UW Alumni Tours and intend to see more of the world with us.

Enjoy red-carpet treatment.

Quality, expertise and professionalism—that’s what you get with UW Alumni Tours. Travel in style and enjoy dazzling hotels and attentive hosts who continually go the extra mile. Vacations come and go, but we make sure your travel memories last a lifetime.

UWAA Hosts

Many of our tours are escorted by UW hosts. Our hosts are there to assist you throughout the trip and to help make sure your alumni travel experience is fabulous and memorable. It's our personal touch.

Assisted Hearing Devices

We're continually seeking new ways to enhance our tours, and many of our tours include the use of hearing devices that enable you to hear the tour guide from up to 30 feet away! No more crowding around the tour guide.

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