Norway's Fjordlands: Alumni Campus Abroad

June 23 - July 1, 2009

Activity Level:  Mildly Active

Immerse yourself in the majestic, rugged beauty of Norway. Begin your exploration in Bergen, Norway’s ancient capital and second-largest city. Discover the architecture of Norway’s wooden stave churches; visit a superb example on the outskirts of town. Admire breathtaking fjords and the charming villages and cities nestled among them. Contemplate the colossal glaciers that carved these dramatic gorges and the sparkling, deep blue inlet waters they left behind. Take a cruise on the Hardangerfjord, known as the Garden Fjord because of the apple, cherry, pear and plum orchards that thrive there in the summer. See Norway’s largest waterfall, Vøringfossen. Along the way, meet the people of Norway, who invite you to experience the best of their country.

Price: $3,120 land plus air (Save $250 if you book by February 20, 2009.)
Single Supplement:  $495

Operator: AHI Travel

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