Why Travel With Us

Why Travel with UW Alumni Tours?

With all the travel options available today, how do you know if a UW trip is right for you? We think opening yourself to a world of new faces and places, against a backdrop of adventure with fellow Huskies and UW experts is pretty special. But don't take our word for it, here's what some of our past travelers have to say:

Connie Kinyon, '94, & Steve Torgesen, '67It is simple: UW continues to attract us with affordable, interesting tours with extremely competent travel guides. In fact, we rarely feel like we are "on a tour," but being shown a country by a friend. We can ask anything, learn while doing, and feel like the guide really likes us too! What a combination! Travel with a personal touch, and all the difficulties of logistics taken care of....it's a no-brainer. It is hard to criticize a UW tour, especially when booked with Odysseys Unlimited. They give a lot of bang for the buck, and we always say we see more in the time on the tour, than we would have on our own. They include not only the more common "should sees," but also the "off-the-beaten-path" stuff that makes traveling special. Even though it is a tour, because of the small size, we get to know our fellow travelers quickly, and feel like we are traveling with friends. We laugh a lot, and care about each other, and can't wait for our next adventure.
Connie Kinyon, '94, & Steve Torgesen, '67
UW Tours: Patagonia '13, Africa's Wildlife '12, Turkey '10, Egypt '08, Norway '06, Florence '02

Bruce Nakao '66 & Marilynn OcchipintiWe travel with UWAA mostly to Third World places that would be logistically difficult on your own. The tour guides are excellent and show you things you wouldn't see on your own. The trips have been a good value and you meet interesting people.
Bruce Nakao '66 & Marilynn Occhipinti
UW Tours: Vietnam '11, Egypt '09, Turkey '07, China & Tibet '06

Renee RiesThe lectures are greatly informative and the trips are always well-organized. Additionally, I am single and it's a lovely way to "get the toes wet" while feeling safe and cared for. On two tours with the UW, I have found the tour directors to be topnotch.
Renee Ries, UW Friend
UW Tours: Southern Italy and Sicily '12, Rome '11, Trans-Siberia '07

Bob Uphaus '66 & Lois RosenUW Tours are well-organized, priced sensibly, and offer a nice variety of choices. We love the trips!
Bob Uphaus '66 & Lois Rosen
UW Tours: Paradores & Pousadas '13, Costa Rica '11, Israel '09, Alaska '05, Florence '03

In addition to the vast historical treasures we saw, of course the current political unrest we witnessed will be memorable. We look at it as the opportunity of a lifetime!
John & Maria Pease, UW Friends
UW Tours: Machu Picchu & Galapagos '12, Egypt '11, Turkey '08

Karen & Doug, '72, LelandThe UWAA has done a fantastic job of providing quality, affordable, safe and interesting travel opportunities. We appreciate the staff very much!
Karen & Doug, '72, Leland
UW Tour: Baltic Treasures '13, Cradle of History '11

This was my first trip with UW Alumni Tours, but it won't be my last. I am so impressed with the value I received for my dollars spent. The hotels were lovely, the excursions were great, everything but an odd meal here or there was covered. I had a wonderful time!
Michele Unger '72
UW Tours: India '12, Kenya and Tanzania '12, China '11

Don, '60, & Kay, '60, IngallsThis was our third trip with UW Alumni Tours. We have the fourth one planned for this fall (Mediterranean cruise). We think they offer good value and always have had great tour directors who maximize the itinerary and anticipate the travelers' needs.
Don, '60, & Kay, '60, Ingalls
UW Tours: Mediterranean Pearls '11, China '11, French Riviera '07, Cortona '05

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