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  • Look up currency exchange rates's currency converter.
  • Currency exchange rates can be figured using the currency converter.

General Travel Information

  • CIA World Handbook: Find maps, country profiles, history and more using this vast resource.
  • Local Times & Dates: Traveling to another country? Use this site to learn fun and interesting facts about your destination. How many people live there? How is the country governed? What is the main source of economy?
  • International Telephone Codes: Trying to call Australia, Botswana or Thailand? Use this resource to ensure you include all the necessary telephone codes.
  • International Voltage/Plug Adaptors: So you've invested in a set of international plug adaptors, but do you need to bring them all on your trip or can you just bring the adaptors for the one country you're visiting?
  • Foreign Language Travel Phrases: Practice a bit of the local dialect by checking this site for the most common words and phrases travelers need to get by in a new destination.
  • International Etiquette: Should you shake hands, kiss on both cheeks or bow your head? Learn the local customs and etiquette for your upcoming trip.
  • Packing & Luggage Advice: Learn the art and science of packing light in this article from USA Today.
  • Visa & Passport Service: Trying to find out if a visa is required for your trip or where to apply for one? G3visas, owned and operated by UW alum Christopher Davis, has five locations nationwide and is a leader in providing visas, passport and document authentications for business and pleasure travel.
  • UW Rome Center - Apartment for Rent: Did you know that as a UW affiliated, you have access to a fabulous penthouse apartment in Rome, located in the heart of the historic center?


  • Travel Insurance: Since 1991, the UW Alumni Association has offered travel insurance for UW alumni and friends through USI Travel Insurance Services. Group rates are available along with trip cancellation and international medical coverage.

Medical & Immunizations

  • UW Travel Medicine Service: Travel medicine providers are trained to aid patients in the prevention and management of health problems related to international travel. Services include a comprehensive travel destination-specific risk assessment, appropriate preventive medicine interventions, including vaccinations, and patient education in risk and risk reduction.
  • Tips for Staying Healthy: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hosts Traveler's Health, which lists information on specific destinations, including what you should know before you go, information on outbreaks and vaccinations and tips for staying healthy overseas.

Official Travel Information

  • U.S. Department of State provides information to citizens traveling abroad, including travel warnings, passports, visas and background and additional information on the countries you may be visiting.
  • Passports: Apply for your first passport or renew an expired one.
  • Transportation Security Administration: Find the most up-to-date information about what is and is not allowed in your carry-on luggage.


  • The Weather Channel has meteorological information for any longitude and latitude. Just enter it!
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