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Columns Votes - December 2006

How did you pay for your college education?

Comments on Scholarships and Grants

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I had work study and grants to pay for my education. My parents were not able to contribute much. I valued my education more because I was paying for it. I look back on the experience now, and really am proud of the fact that I worked for my degrees. I made sure that the classes I took were pertinent to my degree and that I focused on them, since I was paying for them. Thank you to the foundations and grants that helped.

Financial aid was through grants obtained by my supervising professor and through acting as a TA. Also received subsidized housing at Sandpoint. A working wife contributed greatly.

I, like many others, had the benefit of the GI bill. That was one of the best things that ever happened to higher education and ultimately to the benefit of the nation.

I supplemented benefits paid under the Korean War GI bill with summer and winter break work. It worked well for me. It’s my view that a GI bill of the type we had then pays enormous dividends to the country. Simply put, the taxes I have paid over a lifetime more than repay the country for the investment it made in me.

I received the Washington State Scholar scholarship and had tuition waived for 12 quarters. I paid for three more quarters myself. Without the scholarship, I still had sufficient funds myself to fully fund my schooling. I did work during college, but I did not do so to pay for tuition or other college expenses.

I financed all but $150 of my bachelor’s degree with a patchwork of merit/need scholarships. (In other words, I had to show need, but merit was the primary determinant in my selection.) The Nelllie Carmen Scholarship Fund paid for my room and board for all 4 years, while various other scholarships and working as a grader in the math dept, plus summer work babysitting, ironing, cleaning houses, and working at Nalley’s, paid for most of the rest. It was a great experience; I particularly reveled in the independence paying my own way gave me.

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