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Columns Votes - December 2006

How did you pay for your college education?

Alumni Comment on How They Paid for College
When Columns asked in its December issue how our readers paid for their college education, more than 750 wrote back not only with their votes, but with amazing tales of how they juggled jobs, debt, classes and family responsibilities on their way to a UW degree.

“Pulling guts out of salmon in Alaska 18 hours a day, seven days a week alongside a bunch of middle-aged substance abusers during my college summers made me appreciate my college experience and motivated me to stay in school,” wrote one alumnus.

“Without financial aid, graduate school would have stayed an unattainable dream. I view my education from the UW as an invaluable experience, regardless of the considerable student loan debt I accumulated,” wrote another.

The following are links to pages with all comments related to a specific topic. Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories.

Comments on How Finances Affected the Student Experience
Comments on Government Support
Comments on Husky Promise
Comments on Parental Support
Comments on Scholarships and Grants
Comments on Student Loans and Debt
Comments on Working and Going to School

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