Columns Votes - June 2006

Where did your UW education have its greatest impact?

When Columns asked alumni in June to tell us where their UW education has had the greatest impact, a majority said it was their career. The second choice was another job-related option—their earning power (see chart).

While a Web-based poll is not statistically significant, the responses are similar to research done by the UW Office of Educational Assessment on alumni attitudes. A majority of alumni in those surveys rate their UW education favorably.

1.  Work Life: Your career development 55%*
2.  Financial Life: Your earning power 36%
3.  Social Life: Your circle of friends 25%
4.  Intellectual/Cultural Life: Interest in arts, humanities 25%
5.  Personal Life: Your choice of a spouse 20%
6.  Community Life: How you serve community 9%
7.  Political Life: Your view on politics 7%
8.  Recreational Life: Interest in sports, hobbies 7%
*Because respondents could choose two answers, numbers add up to more than 100%.