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If you love the UW, you will love UWAA membership. Here are a few reasons why:

The UW Alumni Association has a critical mission.

Since 1889, the UW Alumni Association has supported the UW and higher education in the State of Washington, and engaged, informed and assisted its membership (you!) If you think this mission is worth supporting, membership is for you.

Member dues sustain important programs.

At the UWAA, we put your member dues to good use. Dues enable us to support the UW through innovative scholarship fundraising programs. Dues also fund UW Impact, an official UWAA group that helps people advocate for the UW and higher education in their communities. Our premium benefits for members, our great community events, and our award-winning publications like Columns magazine are all made possible by member dues.

Membership keeps you connected.

There's so much happening at the UW, and as a member you won't miss out. Whether you're interested in groundbreaking UW research, UW happenings on campus and across the country, lectures from influential figures or news about the people and history of your university, no matter where you go, membership keeps you connected.

UWAA members enjoy unique benefits.

Member benefits are tailored for people who love the UW. Get exclusive perks like library access, online journals, UW ticket discounts, invitations to special UW events and much more that you don't get through other membership organizations. Many of our benefits are available nationwide, so you can take a piece of the UW with you wherever you go.

If you love the UW, you will love UWAA membership!

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