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A show. A drink. A game. A meal. For every Dawg, we've got a deal!

Preferred Partners/Dawg Deals is a retail savings program designed specifically for UWAA members. It's one of our favorite member benefits and offers hundreds of local and national discounts at shops, restaurants, car rental agencies and so much more!

UWAA members and current UW students are eligible for Dawg Deals. To get your discount, just show your membership card or Husky Card at the time of purchase.

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You can search or browse our online directory of hundreds of Dawg Deals merchants by keyword, name, geographic region or category.

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Limited-time offers from your favorite Dawg Deals merchants. Download your coupons and start saving today!

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It's easy and could save you the price of membership and more!

Not a UWAA member? In addition to Dawg Deals, members get help with career services, access to special UWAA events and programs and much, much more. Find out more about UWAA membership.

Questions? Email us at support@alumnipreferredpartners.com or call 1-800-354-8150.

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