Past Winners Share Their Gratitude for the UWAB

Anna Demyanik

Anna DemyanikA simple "thank you" will never suffice for all the hours and hard work the Alumnae Board puts in every single year to change the lives of so many young people. The power and support felt by the Alumnae Board will impact me every single day, from the day I found out I was a recipient, putting me one step closer to reaching my dreams, and to everything I do in the future.

I am now graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Business Administration, Marketing; and minors in Russian and Slavic Literature. Without the tireless work of the inspirational women on the board and all the generous donors, I know my experience at the UW would not have been even possible.

Knowing that because of your actions I can make a positive impact on someone else's life-brings the phrase "pass it along," a much more personal and satisfying feeling. And for me, I know this is all just the beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fanny Shellenberg

Fanny ShellenbergNo words do justice to the gratitude I feel to the people who made the UW Alumnae Board scholarship possible. This scholarship has made it possible for me to receive a world-class education at the University of Washington, and in doing so to get one step closer to my career goals.

Not only does this scholarship provide financial support, the women who are part of the Alumnae Board provide moral support as well. I know that I will never forget the support and friendship I have received over the past three years from the Alumnae Board.

Raymond Phua

Raymond PhuaI want to thank all of those involved with the University of Washington Alumnae Board scholarship for extending their time, support and generosity. It is because of this amazing scholarship that my long-term dreams have become a reality. Not only have I been able to reduce the financial burden that often comes attached with a quality education, but this award has also allowed me to focus on bettering myself as a leader, scholar and global citizen.

Without the UWAB, I would not have had the opportunity to study abroad in Guilin, China; I would not have had the time to be as engaged in the UW and surrounding community as I am today. The Alumnae Board scholarship is ultimately the ladder of support that has provided me with the steps to reach and fulfill my goals.

The UWAB has opened doors of opportunity for me that will forever be appreciated. I again want to extend my gratitude to all of those who contribute to such a successful scholarship program.

Vivian Lee

Vivian LeeThe University of Washington is a great educational environment with endless possibilities for students like me. However, without the hard work of the Alumnae Board and the generosity of everyone involved, these possibilities may not have been set before me. Being a recipient of the Alumnae Board scholarship is such an honor because it is not just a scholarship.

Along with the scholarship, we receive lifelong memories and support from a warm community. With the kindness of the Alumnae Board, I am able to further my education in science at this great research university as I always dreamt of. Although words cannot express the gratitude, I'd like to thank the Alumnae Board and all the donors for their hard work and altruism.

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