UW Alumni Authors

Suzanne Selfors, '90

To Catch a Mermaid
By Suzanne Selfors, '90
Little, Brown and Company, 2007
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To Catch a MermaidEverything goes haywire in the Broom household after 12-year-old Boom Broom brings home a magical baby mermaid. To Catch a Mermaid is a humorous fantasy novel for the middle grades, with illustrations by Catia Chen.


"The blue-green tail arched, then smashed Mertyle's box of rye crisp that she snacked on while watching game shows. It arched again and thwacked the wall, leaving a trail of green slime. What was that thing? A green hand reached out and felt along the bedding until it found a piece of rye crisp. The cracker disappeared into the mass of seagrass, and an unmistakable chomping sound filled the room, followed by a little underwater burp. It was hungry."

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