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Iain King and Whit Mason, '02

Peace at Any Price: How the World Failed Kosovo
By Iain King and Whit Mason, '02
Cornell University Press, 2006
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Iain King and Whit Mason, '02The UN Mission in Kosovo is widely regarded as a successful humanitarian intervention. Peace at Any Price sounds a note of informed dissent. The Economist called it "an excellent and timely book."


“Both Albanians and Serbs have reasons to see themselves as the victims of injustice, maltreatment and worse. Since 1999, these abuses have been framed in the language of the intervention: as issues of ‘human rights’. But these abuses are embedded in a tradition of bullying that predates such notions. To understand — not justify — current antipathies, one has to look at the deep sense of historical injustice shared by both peoples. These rival perceptions of the past, distilled by ideologues and stirred by demagogues, fed on one another to create the intoxicating and explosive nationalism that ravaged Kosovo in the 1990s. Indeed, many people who lived through the collapse of Yugoslavia argue that Milosevic could not have come to power without the foil of Albanian nationalism in Kosovo, and Kosovo Albanians certainly could never have secured a mammothe international intervention without a villain on the scale of Milosevic.”

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