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Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, '80

Racing The Enemy: Stalin, Truman, And The Surrender Of Japan
By Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, '80
Belknap Press, 2006
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Racing the EnemyHasegawa's examination of the military and diplomatic moves that brought about the end of WWII has been called "brilliant and definitive" by the New York Times Book Review.


"As far as Stalin was concerned, the issuance of the Potsdam Proclamation was a prime example of American duplicity . His game plan was completely spoiled . Most important, Stalin realized that this act on the part of Truman was conclusive proof that the United States intended to obtain Japan's surrender without Soviet help. He decided to enter the war as quickly as possible before the atomic bomb would force Japan to end the war. Now the race was on in earnest."

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