UW Alumni Authors

Tony Angell, '62

In the Company of Crows and Ravens
By Tony Angell, '62 and John M. Marzluff
Yale University Press, 2006
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Bent to the EarthThis expert and entertaining study of crow behavior, co-written and illustrated by UW alumnus Tony Angell, received the 2006 Washington State Book Award.


"Crows play. Once thought to be reserved for people, play has been increasingly found in animals, especially long-lived social ones like crows. Young American Crows have been seen grabbing paper in the bill, leaping into the air, dropping the paper, and pouncing on it again. . On the snowy hills of Maine, Common Ravens play with sticks, bones, and other objects. But what really strikes you is their preoccupation with "body surfing" on snow. We have seen them slide down a slope on their bellies only to get up, hop back to the top, and do it again."

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