2012 History Lecture Series

University of Washington Professor of History George Behlmer recently presented a fascinating three-part series: "Revenge and Reconciliation in Modern Ireland." The first of the three lectures in the series was recorded for UWTV. Watch it now:

Part I: Maimed at the Start? The "Inevitability" of Unrest in Modern Ireland
Was Ireland fated to be a place where violence was the norm rather than the exception? Tellingly, many of the giants of Irish nationalist lore between the 1790s and the early years of the 20th century were Protestants. The Irish freedom struggle was therefore never a monochrome movement, nor was Ireland's Catholic community ever of one mind about the resort to violence in the name of nationhood. Often overlooked in the war of words between "Orange" and "Green" today is the fact that Ireland's modern revolutionary tradition once imagined a united front of Protestants and Catholics in the common quest for Irish freedom. What happened to this progressive ideal?

Recorded January 17, 2012 in Kane Hall.

Audio recordings of the entire three-part series are available on CD for purchase from Tree Farm. Visit www.treefarmtapes.com and search in the American and World History category.

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