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Daniel Heu-Weller | Board of Trustees President-Elect

Class of 2002, Bachelor of Arts, Economics and History
Class of 2008,  Juris Doctorate, UW School of Law
Class of 2008, Masters of Business Administration, Foster School of Business


Why I Serve

I grew up in Olympia and, as a kid, visited UW with my family to enjoy spring’s cherry blossoms. UW had more students than my entire hometown and McMahon dormitory was taller than any building in Olympia. The campus was so impressive and I’ve bled purple ever since.

As a UW student working to pay tuition, I taught SAT prep to high school students. After my wife and I graduated, we founded an SAT prep business. We worked with nearly 2,000 people and provided scholarships to anyone in need. At that time, we were both UW law students. While on campus, we often crossed paths with undergrad students we’d tutored. I am so proud to have helped the next generation pursue their college dreams. My parents propelled themselves out of economically difficult upbringings through their pursuits of higher education.

I want to continue broadening the base of people who have access to the university. One thing I like about being a trustee is that there is a sense of still being in college. I continually learn about UW and all of its amazing contributions to Washington and around the world. UW is a place that both you can serve and serves you for an entire lifetime. Plug into purple with passion!


Daniel Heu-Weller is a Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor at Wells Fargo Private Bank. He advises on a wide range of financial issues for private company owners, technology executives and family offices. He previously worked at Orca Bay Capital, Goldman Sachs & Co., and founded SAT Coach, a college admissions and test-preparation firm.