Readers Remember Their Favorite Professors

"I can at last thank you for all you've done for me," writes one alumna to her dead mentor, who transformed her from a science hater to a science teacher. "(She) taught us that hard work pays off and secures your future. What better lesson can you learn?" says another alumnus of his extremely strict math professor. "He is the person our parents hoped we would meet when they sent us off to college," writes another.

When we ran tributes on UW professors from nine alumni/authors in our last issue, we invited you to write the next page. Send us five or six paragraphs on your favorite professor and we'll run the best essays in an upcoming issue, we said. You were listening. This summer, a flood of letters, faxes and e-mail came to Columns, and a few are still trickling in months later.

What follows are submissions from all alumni who sent us tributes to teaching at the UW by our July 1st deadline. Tne names are in alphabetical order and divided into those who made the print version of the magazine and all other tributes. We urge you to browse through these files and discover the impact of teaching at the University of Washington.

14 Professors Featured in the Print Version of Columns

Henry Buechel

Stan Chernicoff

Erna Gunther

Mary Elizabeth Haller

Robert S. Hutton

Willis Konick

Vernon MacKenzie

Peter Misch

Paul Pascal

Peter Sugar

Roger Sale

David Shields

Carl Solberg

Joan Ullman


Tributes to Other Professors

Sverre Arestad

Nelson Bentley

Hugh Bone

Jon Bridgman

Jack Cady

Giovanni Costigan

Laura Crowell

Moya Duplica

Donald Emery

Arther Farrell

George Farwell

Agnes Haaga

Amy Violet Hall

Mark Harris

Ryland Hill

C. Leo Hitchcock

Edgar Horwood

Francis Hunkins

Daniel S. Lev

Glen Lutey

George Frederick McKay

Franc Michael

Thomas Pressly

Milnor Roberts

John Ronald Rustad

Al Sampson

Max Savelle

David R. M. Scott

Sam Sebesta

Julia Skahen

George Taylor

Donald Treadgold

David Wagoner

Don Williams

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