UWAA Announces 1997 Travel Destinations

Here's the itinerary for the UWAA Travel Program for 1997-1998. You must be a member of the UW Alumni Association to participate in these trips. For information or to sign up, contact Pauline Ranieri at (206) 685-9276 or 1-800-AUW-ALUM, or visit the UW Travels Home Page.

Lands of the Maya, Mexico, Jan. 15-24.

Windward & Leeward Islands, Caribbean Islands, Jan. 18-25.

Trans-Panama Canal, cruise from New Orleans to Acapulco, Jan. 28-Feb. 9.

Kenya Tenting Safari, Africa, Jan. 30-Feb. 13.

Machu Picchu & Galapagos, Peru and Ecuador, Feb. 10-21.

Baja Whale Watching, Mexico, Feb. 16-22.

Mystical Thailand, Southeast Asia, Feb. 25-March 4.

Ancient Cultures of Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Feb. 26-March 13.

Oaxaca, Mexico, March 9-16.

Austrian Escapade, Salzburg, Austria, March 10-17.

By Rail and Sea, train trip from LA to New Orleans and Caribbean cruise, March 11-24.

Copper Canyon, Mexico, March 16-23.

Alumni Campus Abroad-Tuscany, Italy, March 26-April 3.

South Seas Voyage, Cook and Society Islands, March 29-April 8.

Wings over the Nile, Egypt, April 5-15.

Arabian Gulf, cruise Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, April 13-26.

The Upper Amazon, Brazil cruise, April 19-30.

Rhine & Mosel Rivers, cruise in Germany, May 27-June 8.

National Parks of the West, train trip through Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Rocky Mountain parks, June 4 -11.

A Walk through Scotland, June 20-28.

Mighty Yenisey River through Siberia, Russia, June 25-July 10.

Scandinavia and Russia, June 27-July 10.

Great Journey through Europe, River cruise to Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy, July 13-25.

Grand European Cruise, England, France, Monaco, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Gibraltar and Portugal, July 21-Aug. 3.

Alumni Campus Abroad-Ireland, July 29-Aug. 6.

Swedish Summer, July 31-Aug. 8.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, Ore., Aug. 8-12.

Alaska, Aug. 9-16.

Trans-Canada by Train, Vancouver to Toronto, Aug. 11-19.

Yellowstone & the Beartooths Walk, September, dates to be announced.

Danube River, cruise Danube and visit Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Sept. 7-20.

The Greek Isles and Turquoise Coast, air/sea cruise of Turkey and Greece, Sept. 19-30.

New England and Canada-Pac 10 Cruise, Sept. 21-Oct. 1.

Wings over the Okavango Delta, African safari, October, dates to be announced.

European Masters, Berlin and London,, November, dates to be announced.

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