Lowry Names New Regents
From Ranks Of Public Servants

Ann Daley, the former executive director of the state Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Shelly Yapp, director of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority, were named UW regents by Gov. Mike Lowry on June 27.

Yapp and Daley, whose terms expire in 2000, replace outgoing regents Andrew Smith and Paul Skinner.

"Both Ann and Shelly have outstanding professional records, and their presence on the board will provide the regents with two of the best administrators in the state," Lowry said.

Regent Ann Daley

"I am not coming in with any preconceived ideas of how I am going to fix anything," Daley said of her appointment. "But I am very aware of the demographics higher education in the state is facing. There is a bulge of prospective students at the University's doorstep at a time when state and federal resources are declining. It will be a challenging period in the University's history."

Yapp says she is attracted by the challenge and the timing of her appointment. "My first goal will be to immerse myself in a learning process to get to know the University's financial and governing structures," she said. "I really like to get my teeth into new things that I care about, and the University of Washington is one of those things."

Daley, 49, was the director of the state budget office in 1993, where she helped craft and implement a $16 billion budget. She currently holds the number two position in the state Treasurer's Office as assistant state treasurer.

Daley earned a B.A. in political science in 1967 from Whittier College in Whittier, Calif. She earned a master's in political science in 1969 from UCLA and then served as a legislative assistant to Sen. Alan Cranston until 1977.

She then moved to Olympia, where she was on the staff of several legislators before becoming special policy assistant on higher education under Gov. Booth Gardner. She was named executive director of the Higher Education Coordinating (HEC) Board in 1989 and currently serves on the HEC board.

Regent Shelley Yapp, ' 67

Yapp, 49, is currently executive director of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority and is credited with saving the market from a 1991 takeover bid by New York investors. From 1988-89, she served as deputy mayor of Seattle under Charles Royer.

Yapp is a 1967 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the UW in economics. She served as director of the Seattle Office of Policy Planning under Mayor Wes Uhlman and as director of the King County Budget Office from 1982-85 under King County Executive Randy Revelle.

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