McCormick on the Issues

Richard McCormick at a Seattle press conference.
Photo by Mary Levin.

Getting into the UW

"If access means increasing enrollments at the UW, we're going to have to think hard about how to do that and be responsive to the need. I believe higher education is a ticket for professional prosperity, economic well-being and even personal happiness. We have a responsibility to provide opportunities that come from higher education."

Critics of Higher Education

"We have to listen hard to what they say and then take a look at our own institution and how we can improve it. The concern for accountability is not going to go away. I see many needs that are straining the public coffers. Higher education is in competition for scare dollars. But that doesn't mean we have to do everything our critics tell us to do."

Research and Teaching

"Undergraduate education is our first mission. It will continue to be so. But at the UW teaching is done in the context of a research university by men and women at the cutting edge of their disciplines who know more than can be found in any textbook."

The Importance of Alumni

"Alumni provide critical linkages between the University and the people of the state. ... They are extremely well situated to represent the University to their fellow citizens. And they can help alert members of the University, including the president, what the University could be doing better."


"Intercollegiate athletics are a tremendous asset for the University. They bring the community together. ... I am aware that graduation and retention rates are not as high as they should be and we will continue to improve them. Everyone can be proud that the UW athletic program is both successful and self-supporting. It is a source of great pride to the University."

Affirmative Action

"As president, my goal will not be to provide some blind, blanket defense of every existing affirmative action program. They were crafted two decades ago under somewhat different circumstances. I will welcome careful scrutiny of our programs. But racial diversity must continue to be a goal of the University of Washington for two reasons: a racially diverse university is a smarter university, and it contributes to achieving the goal of social justice." END