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NEXT CITY: Sustainable Urbanization initiative kicks off in October

Today, half of the world's population lives in cities; by 2030, an additional five billion people will have joined them. Building healthy, livable cities will be one of the great challenges of the 21st century.

The University of Washington has made "NEXT CITY: Sustainable Urbanization" a major focus for the coming academic year. Events and activities will explore the many dimensions of urban sustainability —environmental, social, political, and economic.

The events start with the Graduate School's Jessie & John Danz and Walker Ames lecture series, which will bring some of the nation's most prominent voices on urban issues to campus for public lectures. Confirmed lecturers include:

  • Oct. 13: Bruce Katz
    Katz is vice president and founding director of the metropolitan policy program at the Brookings institution. a senior adviser to U.S Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, he is acclaimed for policy ideas for improving the health and prosperity of cities and metropolitan areas.
  • Nov. 3: Hedrick Smith
    Smith is a pulitzer prize-winning former reporter and editor for The New York Times, an Emmy award-winning producer/ correspondent for the PBS show Frontline and author of several books. He will talk about "Poisoned Waters," his recent Frontline program.
  • Jan. 21: Robert Fishman
    Fishman is a professor of architecture and urban planning at the University of Michigan. His current research explores the history of sustainable city planning.
  • Feb. 9: Geoffrey Canada
    Since 1990, Canada has been president and chief executive officer of Harlem Children's Zone, which The New York Times Magazine called "one of the most ambitious social experiments of our time."

Learn more and register for NEXT CITY lectures.