September 2008 -

The Hub

Java Generosity

These days, a cup of joe can keep a student afloat. ASUW is taking advantage of Seattle's coffee culture to help support its Husky Pride Fund: The student government organization has set up tip jars for scholarships.

When ASUW members realized on-campus baristas aren't allowed to accept tips, they installed fundraising jars in the place of tip jars. Already 40 such jars across campus have raised more than $6,700.

The Husky Pride Fund goes beyond regular scholarships to help students in need. Emergency relief funds enable students to continue their studies in times of crisis, while community engagement grants pay for everything from day care to bus fare, allowing students to join a club or attend on-campus tutoring.

This helps students to "really have that deep, full Husky experience," says Sam Al-Khoury, past ASUW vice president, who helped develop the program.