Our Man In Tokyo
Written by David Ray   
Yoshihiko Miyauchi, '60Four years after earning his UW M.B.A., Yoshihiko Miyauchi helped launch a Japanese corporation that is now worth $8 billion. Along the way he became Japan’s No. 1 advocate for deregulation—and the owner who nurtured Ichiro Suzuki’s baseball career.
Business Class
Written by Brad Broberg   
William AyerSix alumni who are CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies share secrets of their success -- and how the UW helped jumpstart their careers.
Spreading The Word
Written by Eric McHenry   
Common BookWhen they start classes this month, more than 6,000 new UW students will already have something in common -- they'll all have read the same book about a remarkable doctor trying to bring 21st-century medicine to the poorest corners of the planet.
Where The Heart Is
Written by Tina Mankowski   
HeartFifty years ago, the UW perfected its own heart-lung machine and did the first open-heart bypass surgery in the West. Now advances are coming so quickly that they could put future cardiac surgeons out of business.