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September 2005 Features

Common GroundCommon Ground
It Began as a Protest Over a Statue and Ended as a Monument to Diversity—and to the Determination of Two Exceptional Students
By Eric McHenry
Web Special: Letters to the Editor on "Common Ground"
After the FalloutAfter the Fallout
Lessons Learned from Chernobyl Could Save Victims of Future Nuclear Disasters. The World Looks to Scott Davis for Many of the Answers.
By Brad Broberg
the UW Has Already Had Strong Departments in Art and Technology. Now It Boasts a Revolutionary Program that Marries the Two.
By Ali Bayse
The Clue Is the AnswerThe Clue Is the Answer
"Professor Chernicoff ... in the Hall ... with the Candlestick ..." Nightly Study Sessions Solve the Puzzle of How to Shrink the University.
By Niki Stojnic

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