September 2004 -


Education Initiative I-884 Qualifies for November Ballot

Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed announced Aug. 2 that Initiative I-884 has sufficient valid signatures to qualify for a spot on the statewide ballot in November.

According to election workers, a check of petition signatures submitted in support of the proposal has shown that the measure meets constitutional requirements for a minimum of 197,734 valid voter signatures. The measure will appear on the Nov. 2 General Election Ballot.

The official ballot summary on Initiative 884 reads, "This measure would create a fund designated for preschool through college education by increasing the retail sales tax rate by 1%. The fund would support preschool assistance for low-income children; additional K-12 programs selected by school districts with citizen input; additional higher education enrollments, scholarships and research; and salary increases for certain teachers and other employees of the school districts and community and technical college districts. A citizen oversight board is established and audits performed."

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