Honor and Glory. By Tom Griffin, Jon Marmor and Beth Luce

Norman Rose is dean emeritus of UW Bothell and served for 28 years on the faculty of the UW chemistry department. He also chaired the UW Faculty Senate, was acting UW provost in 1993, and won a Distinguished Teaching Award in 1988.

What should be the role of sports at the UW?
It should be designed and function in a way that is for the students and complements the academic activity. It should be for the students the way the band is for the students and the French Club is for the students.

Has the UW's reputation been hurt by recent sports scandals?
Sure. When there are allegations of lying and not following the rules, I cannot see how that helps the University.

Does a winning or losing program affect the UW's ability to attract faculty or students?
I don't think it is very significant in attracting faculty and I would say not very many students come to the University with one factor being the winning or losing records of the sports program.

You may be of good character and have losing seasons. Eventually you will lose your job.Why do you think university sports programs have so many problems following NCAA rules?
I think you need to look at this issue in context. No newspaper is going to write about how a university has had a perfect record in NCAA compliance. The only thing we hear about is all the things that are wrong. How big a problem is it? I don't have the answer. How many people cheat on their income tax, how many shoplift? Human beings being what they are, a few of us are going to break the rules from time to time. Obviously rule-breaking is not good. But are the statistics of NCAA infractions extraordinary? I don't know.

Should a coach's or player's character play a prominent role in his or her job? Does character matter?
Does character matter in a president? Does it matter in a Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader, or in a bank loan officer? Of course character counts in any leadership position. That should be a Number 1 priority.

Why put so many resources into what is effectively a training campus for pro sports? Is it worth it, given the scandals that keep occurring?
The athletic department is self-supporting. The taxpayer's money doesn't go into the football coach's salary. We are not doing this as part of the state's spending.

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