Special Delivery

Childbirth Tips

Good medical care grows out of good communication, experts say. Here are a few questions that expectant mothers should ask their doctors, hospitals or health insurer:

  • What are my health risks and how will they affect my delivery?
  • What are my doctor's feelings about natural childbirth? About Caesarean sections? About vaginal births after Caesareans?
  • What services will my health insurance cover? If I have already delivered a baby by Caesarean section, must I attempt vaginal delivery for another Caesarean to be covered by insurance?
  • Are there any limits on having my partner, or other support, with me during labor and delivery?
  • If I develop problems during pregnancy or delivery, how will my care be managed?
  • How long will I stay in the hospital after a normal birth? What about after a Caesarean?

Source: Washington State Department of Health's Pregnancy and Childbirth Guide to Hospital Charges.

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