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    March issue

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    Gov. Locke Names New Student Regent
    Graduate students Chris Knaus was appointed by Gov. Gary Locke to the UW Board of Regents on May 21. Knaus holds a B.A. from UC-Davis in rhetoric and an M.A. in communications from WSU. Student regents serve for one year on the UW governing board.
    UW, Seahawks Agree on Use of Husky Stadium
    A long-awaited agreement was reached May 21 between the University of Washington and the Seahawks for the NFL team's use of Husky Stadium during the 2000 and 2001 seasons.
    UW Moves Preferred Site for Practice Facility
    After community groups objected to the size and scale of a $22 million athletics practice facility, the UW moved its preferred site from a plot north of the IMA Building along Montlake Blvd. to a site east of the Nordstrom Tennis Center behind Husky Stadium. The decision will delay construction until June 2000.
    Gupta Named Dean of UW Business School
    Yash P. Gupta, dean and professor of management in the College of Business and Administration of the University of Colorado at Denver, will be appointed dean of the UW Business School, effective Aug. 1, 1999.
    UW Earns Top Spots in U.S. News Rankings
    For the sixth straight year, the UW School of Medicine was number one in primary care, as were its family medicine and rural health programs. Also in the top 10 graduate/professional programs were nuclear physics (2nd), bioengineering (5th), computer science (7th), microbiology (7th), atomic/molecular physics (8th), computer engineering (9th), special education (9th), social/philosophical foundations in education (9th) and secondary teacher (10th).
    School of Public Affairs Named After Gov. Evans
    "In his entire career as governor, U.S. senator, college president and UW regent, Dan Evans has provided a model for the school's highest aspirations: integrity, respect and excellence," says Evans School Dean Marc Lindenberg.
    Virginia Physicist Warren Buck Named UW Bothell Chancellor
    University of Washington President Richard L. McCormick named Warren W. Buck chancellor and dean of UW Bothell March 25, subject to regental approval. Buck currently is professor of physics and director of the Nuclear/High Energy Physics Research Center of Excellence at Hampton University, Hampton, Va.
    UW Imposes Sanctions on Itself for Recruiting Errors
    Football Coach Rick Neuheisel must forgo two-thirds of his off-campus recruiting visits next year and five assistant coaches' recruiting efforts will be curtailed following three violations made in January.
    New Dean for Arts and Sciences
    Geography Professor David Hodge, interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington since July 1998, has been chosen by UW President Richard L. McCormick to be the dean of the college.
    Olympia Update
    Undergraduate tuition could rise from 10 to 24 percent in the next two years under several proposals currently under debate in the Washington State Legislature.
    It's a Wonderful Life
    If you had your life to live over again, would you still choose to go to the UW? About 76 percent of recent graduates answered "yes" in a survey conducted by the UW to measure its impact on alumni lives and careers.
    Historic Match
    History Professors Richard Johnson and Carol Thomas created a $100,000 endowed fellowship to support graduate studentswith a lot of help from Microsoft, plus some from colleagues and friends.
    Research Brief
    By growing mice with altered brain chemicals, UW researchers may have found a key to alcohol consumption and its sedative effects.
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