On and Off the Ave

A collection of newsworthy items from the pages of Columns.

No Signs!

In April, the Quad will be picture-postcard delicious, with its famous blossoming cherry trees. But the lawns may look a little funny. That's because they won't be covered with those annoying campaign signs. Last fall, the ASUW Board of Control voted to prohibit the use of student government election campaign signs, saying they were a pain in the neck because they caused clutter, became a regular target for vandals, and cost a lot of money to make. While some argued that banning signs would eliminate candidates' ability to communicate with voters, most student government folks agreed: sign making and posting was more trouble than it was worth.

Billy Taylor

Billy Taylor, celebrated jazz pianist and host of NPR's "Jazz from Kennedy Center" will perform at 8 p.m., Thursday, April 22 in Meany Theater as part of his UW artist-in-residence program. Tayor is the 1999 Hans and Thelma Lehmann Distinguished Visiting Professor. With trio members Chip Jackson, bass, and Steve Jones, drums, Taylor will be in residence April 19-22 at the School of Music. Tickets for the performance cost $21 general, $10 students/seniors. Call the UW Arts Ticket Office at (206) 543-4880. Photo by Carol Weinberg.

Nestle Crunch bar

Astronomy Professor Donald Brownlee's Stardust project is one of nine NASA missions now being featured on Nestle's Crunch bars. The seven-year mission, which launched last month, will send a spacecraft to comet Wild 2 to gather samples of comet dust and return them to Earth for analysis. Photo courtesy of Nestle.

'It's nice to know the accomplishments of someone west of the Rockies are getting noticed by the East Coast media lords.'

—David Horsey, '75, editorial cartoonist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, who won a National Press Foundation 1998 Berryman Cartoonist of the Year Award for a cartoon titled "Beltway Apocalypse" on the White House sex scandal.

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