March 1997 Columns

Crime and Puzzlement: The Crime Rate Is Dropping Across America, but UW Experts Aren't Sure Why -- or If it Will Last.

Artistic Expansions: The UW's Art Museum Finally Has the Space to Showcase Its Own Collection and Stunning Works by Contemporary Artists.

The Bark of the Buddha: The World's Oldest Buddhist Texts--Lost for 1,900 Years--Are Now Being Deciphered by a UW Expert in Ancient Languages.


Letters to the Editor: Nivana Banned?, Report from Bosnia, Balkanizing Our Society, Hypnosis and Pain, The Gift of a Few More Years.

On and Off the Ave: Name This Team, Who is That Man?, Dave Barry on Campus, Farewell to the Ave's "Mayor"

Our Back Pages: Monkey Business , the story of the UW Medicinal Herb Garden and Its Guardian Monkeys.

Prelude: Editor's Column on "Pride and Partnerships"

Spending Limits Put Squeeze on UW Budget Plans

Seahawks Drop Husky Stadium as Option for Game Site

Microsoft Offer is Success: Faculty Gives Quarter Million in Matching Gifts

Appointments, Honors

Alumni News

Mentors Play Big Role for UW Students.

Tennis Center Is Newest Life Member Benefit .

91 Football Team Heads Hall of Fame List .

Alumnni Career Program Now Operating .

John Morefield, Keeping Promises to the Kids

Leslianne Shedd, 1968-96, Victim of Hijackers' Air Crash

Alumnotes: News from the Classes 1934-1996

In Memory: Obituaries of Alumni and Faculty from the Class Years 1918-1995

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