Microsoft Offer Is Success; Faculty Gives Quarter Million In Matching Gifts

When Microsoft challenged the UW faculty, students came out the winners. In November, the Microsoft Corp. committed $1 million to the UW in an unrestricted gift that the University will use to continue a popular program that matches gifts faculty make to the UW.

The Microsoft Challenge 2000 will provide $200,000 annually until the year 2000 to match faculty gifts supporting graduate and professional students.

The Microsoft Challenge 2000 builds on an existing University program that raised more than $700,000 from faculty between 1992 and 1995. But the program, which depended on unrestricted gifts to the University, always was in danger of being discontinued for lack of matching funds. Microsoft's commitment guarantees that the program will continue through the year 2000. "This is a win-win program, and I know that the faculty and students appreciate Microsoft's generosity as much as I do," says President Richard L. McCormick.

When the Microsoft Challenge was announced to faculty, the response was immediate and enthusiastic. The $200,000 allocated for matching in 1996 was used up within three days as faculty gifts poured in. President McCormick added $46,438 from other unrestricted gift funds to match additional faculty gifts. In all, the UW was able to match $246,438 from 242 faculty donors.

"Microsoft is proud to be supporting Challenge 2000," says Bill Neukom, Microsoft senior vice president for law and corporate affairs. "This gives us an opportunity to leverage our giving to the University of Washington and encourage others to participate."

Microsoft is among the leading corporate donors to the University, contributing to a variety of programs from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering to the Henry Art Gallery. Microsoft is the leading corporate donor of unrestricted dollars to the UW. Since 1987, Microsoft has given more than $1.3 million in unrestricted gifts to the University of Washington.

"We are fortunate to have this farsighted and innovative company located here," says McCormick, "and the University is doubly blessed by Microsoft's wonderful generosity."

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