In Memory 3/95


Albert Edward Carpenter Jr., Tacoma, age 69, Dec. 12, 1994.

Jess Richards, New York, age 51, Nov. 6, 1994.

Alan R. Senff, Bellevue, age 36, Nov. 23, 1994.

Arnold Wallstron, Seattle, age 73.

Henry Olmstead Wheeler, '17, Tacoma, age 100, Nov. 9, 1994.

William Lee Bricker, '21, '41, Portland, Ore., age 96, Oct. 25, 1994.

Seton Hayes Thompson, '28, '29, Belleair, Fla., age 88, Dec. 13, 1994.

Nancy Grimes Plimpton, '30, Minneapolis, age 85, April 12, 1994.

Joy E. Ross Heaney, '30, '64, Seattle, age 82, April 1992.

Frank Dexter James, '30, Seattle, age 86, Nov. 22, 1994.

Harold McClary, '30, Shelton, age 87, Dec. 15, 1994.

Karl Ellerbeck, '31, Seattle, age 92, Dec. 30, 1994.

Charles T. Pearson, '31, Tacoma, age 89, Aug. 10, 1994.

Maynard Pennell, '31, Seattle, age 84, Nov. 22, 1994.

Betty Schlicting, '31, Seattle, age 67, Nov. 2, 1994.

Chester Cole Adair, '32, Seattle, age 87, Nov. 6, 1994.

Martin O. Nelson Sr., '33, Seattle, age 82, Oct. 13, 1994.

Helen Thompson Crossett, '36, Seattle, age 79, June 29, 1994.

Harold Johan Runstad, '36, Seattle, age 83, Nov. 21, 1994.

Frank Carey, '39, Seattle, age 82, Nov. 11, 1994.

Robert L. Bangs, '43, Sacramento, Calif., age 74, Oct. 26, 1994.

Helen Tapp, '46, '55, '63, Seattle, age 85, Oct. 21, 1994.

Morris Jerome Alhadeff, '48, Seattle, age 79, Nov. 8, 1994.

Robert Paul Owen, '48, Seattle, age 78, Nov. 27, 1994.

Cornelius K. Molenaar, '50, Golden, Colo., age 73, Nov. 22, 1994.

Alfred M. Nelson, '50, '52, Redondo Beach, Calif., age 68, Oct. 7, 1994.

Donald R. Henry, '53, Corvallis, Ore., age 73, Oct. 22, 1994.

Alva Long, '54, Auburn, age 68, Oct. 29, 1994.

William F. Dudek, '56, '57, East Wenatchee, age 65, Dec. 19, 1994.

David William Smith, '58, Seattle, age 59, Dec. 18, 1994.

Helen Riddle, '71, Seattle, age 74, Oct. 25, 1994.

Marvin L. Hasselberg, '72, '87, Seattle, age 47, Dec. 18, 1994.

Conrad Tomashoff, '86, Seattle, age 29, May 6, 1994.


Former Instructional Services Manager and history lecturer Maclyn Philip Burg died July 5, 1994 after serving the UW since 1966. He received his bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. degrees from the UW. He was 67.

Jeffrey Dutton, '86, '91, chief psychiatry resident at UW Medical Ctr, died Dec. 24, 1994. He was 39. Dutton was profiled in the December 1991 Columns in an article titled "Marathon Man." At age 19, he suffered from a chronic obstruction in his digestive system that halted his body's ability to absorb food. He never ate food for nutrition again. Instead, he obtained all his nutrition from fluid that was pumped into his body through a shunt—an "artificial gut" that was invented elsewhere but refined at the UW for home use. Despite his condition, Dutton ran in the 1985 New York Marathon and later in races in Poland and Russia. The Bend, Ore., native graduated from the UW School of Medicine in 1991. Memorials may be sent to the Jeffrey Dutton Scholarship Fund, c/o First Interstate Bank, University Branch, 4500 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.

Dean Emeritus of Education Frederic Giles died Nov. 14, 1994, after serving the UW since 1961. The Sprague, Wash., native attended Eastern Washington Univ. during the Depression, earning athletic and work scholarships to pay his way. After graduating from Eastern Washington in 1939, he got a master's from WSU in 1946. He later served as president of Everett Community College before joining the UW. He received his doctorate in 1961 from WSU, and was named dean of education at the UW that year. He retired in 1981.

Professor Emeritus of Art Pauline Johnson died July 19, 1994, after serving the UW since 1941. A nationally known leader in the field of art education, she wrote several books, the most popular of which was Creating With Paper, still in use today. She was 89.

Former Electrical Engineering Professor Peter R. Metz died June 10, 1994. He served the UW from 1961 to 1972, when he left to accept a position at the Federal Univ. of Paraiba, Brazil. He received his B.S. and Ph.D. from the UW in 1956 and his master's from MIT. He was 59.

Former English Professor Robert Oscar Payne died Feb. 9, 1994, after serving the UW from 1962 to 1972. Payne was a graduate of the Univ. of Oregon and Johns Hopkins. He left the UW to take a position at the City Univ. of New York.

Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy Elmer Plein died June 7, 1994, after serving the UW since 1938. The native of Dubuque, Iowa, received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Univ. of Colorado. He retired in 1977. He was 87.

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Leonard Sarason died Sept. 24, 1994. He began his career as a musician, obtaining two degrees in music from Yale, where he studied composition and was a skilled pianist. He turned to mathematics later, obtaining his Ph.D. in 1961. He came to the UW in 1965 and was influential in his field of partial differential equations. He was 69.

Professor Emeritus of Zoology Richard Snyder died July 30, 1994, after serving the UW since 1949. He pioneered teaching a functional perspective in anatomy. He also was the first zoology researcher to use high-speed films to analyze locomotion of lizards. Demanding but beloved, Snyder established a fund for graduate research. The Pittsfield, Mass., native retired in 1989. He was 76.

Professor Emeritus of Russian and East European Studies Donald W. Treadgold died Dec. 13, 1994, after serving the UW since 1949. A distinguished teacher, scholar, author and lecturer, he received international recognition for his works on Russia. A fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, he authored six books, including Twentieth Century Russia. He was in Russia in 1991 on a UW Alumni Association cruise during the revolution that almost deposed President Gorbachev (see "Crusin' the Coup," December 1991 Columns). He died three days after being diagnosed with acute leukemia at the age of 72.

College of Architecture and Urban Planning Dean Emeritus Gordon Varey died Nov. 1, 1994 after serving the UW since 1962. The Everett native received his bachelor's degree from the UW in 1954 and a master's from the Univ. of California-Berkeley in 1966. He joined the UW in 1962 and later served as dean of architecture and urban planning for 10 years until his retirement in 1992. He died with his wife and 12 others in a helicopter crash. He was 63.

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